MSTA Convention Presentations 2013

Christina Wagner, Kaye Truitt, Don Bratton from MSMS:

This session has 3 HS Chemistry Labs, aligned with state standards and NGSS. Gases, Kinetics, and Qualitative Analysis will be covered. Most are microscale labs requiring no specialized equipment.

Joan Estapa:

Have you been searching for activities to integrate Science and the CCSS? Come join me as I present a learning forum in which you change hats from teacher to learner/facilitator as your students become experts in the life and times of Hippocrates, from his early beginnings to the Hippocratic Oath.

John Banks and Amanda Bonelli:

1. Come see how simple PVC "apparatus" can bring new life to physical science and physics instruction. Light, Force and Electricity applications will be explored. Among other things participants will participate in an obstacle course with a bowling ball and PVC mallets.
2. Hands On "Toys" from Arbor Scientific. They will put a new spin on the way you teach electricity and magnetism from K-12. Free teaching materials and door prizes included in the workshop.

Johnny Mattox:

Our students should be made aware that a correlation can be seen between growth of the human popluaton of the world with an increase in species extinction. This session will emphasize this fact and present possible reasons for this relationship. There will also be a discussion of what we as humans might possibly do to slow the rate of species extinction.

Kathy McKone:

An update on genetically modified foods and the controversy that surrounds them. Should producers be required to label foods that contain foreign DNA?

Kim Thomas and Rheta Ann West:

More great ideas to introduce a little Halloween science fun to your students.Easy and safe hands-on experiments that teach scientific concepts with a few surprises! Spooky, budget-friendly demonstrations can be expected as well.

Lacey Fitts and Dr. Nina Riding:

Science faculty at Delta State University recently conducted a hands-on, 2-week, inquiry based, interdisciplinary environmental science workshop that focused on aquatic food webs. Twenty teachers from the Delta area were selected and completed the course. A soil science inquiry activity that can be modified for any level will be presented.

Sheila Hendry:

Learn how to use Science Olympiad activities to address Common Core requirements, from effective communication to collaboration.

Susan Bender:

Join us for a solution to some of history's most intriguing unsolved mysteries. Original case studies, literacy connections and common core standards are provided.


Tammie Franklin, Hannah Franklin and Bobby Franklin:

Students love this lab! READ and COMPARE labels of sodas, MEASURE amount of sugar on labels, WRITE lab report, DESIGN display of results, last but not least.....DRINK your "evidence" and CLEAN area. Hands-on and minds-on applications that benefit students in their world beyond the school.

Stacey Britton:

Knowledge shared about the Earth's rotation and revolution which is suitable for elementary and middle school. Activities will emphasize the Earth's relationship with the sun and the moon. Gain greater understanding of their positions in the solar system.

Audrey Sollie: