These are a few of my favorite things......( and you know I sang that line to you!)

Of course, I have to start with the state websites which mean a lot to me - to keep me connected to the other science teachers in this state



Like the rest of the teaching world, I have some YouTube videos. A student published my mink dissection videos and this seems to have helped those students who need that type of teaching - they are so TV oriented!
my youtube flicks

The rest of these are just really good biology links which I use regularly:





CDC Excite

Get Body Smart

Human Genome Project - Teacher Networking

Nobel Prize - Imaging studies

NIH media

Scientific American Frontiers

Science News for Kids

Skeletal System

Why an Appendix?!

and let's not forget Google Documents and forms - whew, these are great ways to share, not only teacher-to-teacher, but also with the students.