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Creating Wikis

It's easy and free to create your own wiki on any topic. School library media specialists report they are using wikis to:
  1. idea2.jpg1. Create library media websites
2. Publish policies and procedures
3. Publish slideshows and photos
4. Publicize special events
5. Share meeting minutes
6. Collaborate with teachers to provide vetted unit-or subject-based resources
7. Communicate with parents
8. Collaborate with other library media specialists
9. Share ideas and resources with colleagues
10. Locate information on a topic, edit, or add to existing information
11. Post reading questions
12. Post trivia questions
13. Publish information as a follow-up to instruction
14. Publish information as a follow-up to staff development
15. Provide a forum for students to comment on books or new titles
16. Post book reviews
17. Post assignments and collect student work
18. Collaborate with teachers to brainstorm units or ideas
19. Create webpages on temporary (or timely) topics: Teen Tech Week, Banned Book Month, homecoming events in the media center, current events, salute to graduates, etc.
20. Create collaborative online glossaries, dictionaries, subject or unit specific resources
21, Learn from colleagues
22. Create pathfinders
23. Publicize resources for home use
24. Plan and provide an online meeting place
25. Link to or embed videos, slideshows, trailers, websites for books and authors
26. Set up class projects
27.Provide guidelines and rubrics
28. Serve as an electronic handout for classes and workshops (no repeating those dreaded long URLs)
29. Provide professional development
30. Promote and provide online book clubs
31. Enhance class discussions
32. Provide annotated lists, links, resources
33. Provide a "launch pad" for student work on a topic; link to each student's project or report
34. Make student work public
35. Provide an interactive library media calendar for the school community
36. Provide a vehicle for an online professional portfolio
37. Collaborate on an article or manual
38. Collaboratively plan a conference or event
39. Create a staff intranet
40. Create a page of frequently ordered items with details and links to online catalogs
41. Launch surveys and opinion polls
42. Provide a page of frequently asked questions (FAQs)
43. Launch slideshows and presentations from classes, students, teachers
44. Create pages for parents
45. Publish annual report of activities for the library media center
46. Teach students about wikis, web publishing, page design, etc.
47. Create templates for projects and reports - individual and/or group

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